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2021 National Pool Rescue Championships Cancellation Announcement 13/10/21


It is with regret that on behalf of SLSNZ, I have to inform the membership that the difficult decision has been made to cancel the 2021 New Zealand Pool Rescue Championships, due to be held at Waterworld in Hamilton on October 29-31. SLSNZ acknowledges that this will be extremely disappointing for individual members, clubs and the movement as a whole.

Please see the attached memo for full details.


Any correspondence around this decision can be directed to me in the first instance:




Given current alert levels, we will not be running any events in October in Northern Region.

We currently have the following events planned for November but these events will only be able to be run if we are at the appropriate alert level and can meet government requirements. We will continue to update attendees as we get closer to each event to ensure people have the latest information.

Unfortunately, we are in a unique situation where we are having to adapt and change quickly so events may change to suit conditions/situations.

Twilight training:

  • We are looking to run two interclub training evenings Thursday 5 (Board= Orewa) and 25 November (Ski- Takapuna). See the attached event flyers.

  • These training sessions will be coach-led and will provide a chance for clubs to get together and practice ski and board.

  • The first training will focus on board and the second on ski.

  • These are not competition events and will be free for athletes wanting to get some extra training. The purpose of these events is just to get people on the water and training while having a chance to get together with others (covid restrictions allowing).

Auckland All In Senior event:

  • What was traditionally Senior Interclub 2, the Auckland All In Senior carnival is scheduled to run on Saturday 13 November at Orewa Beach.

  • This event will include craft and land events, canoes, surf boats and IRBs.

  • Event information can be found here


Auckland All In Junior event:

  • What was traditionally Junior Interclub 1, The Auckland All In Junior Carnival is scheduled to run on Saturday 27 November at Omaha Beach.

  • Event Information and entries will open shortly.

Northern Region Pool Champs update:

We are still looking to hold some sort of pool event for our members this season. When, where and how is yet to be confirmed but we are pushing to have something available for our members.

We will continue to keep everyone updated on what is happening with events in Northern Region. Hopefully, we will be back on the beach together soon.

If you have any questions etc please feel free to contact me or Zac.

Also if you ever have any questions for either our Junior Operations Committee or Competitive Lifesaving Operations Committee you can email them: or

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