Please contact for details on how to get a club key and swipe.


Purchase Orders

A PO (Purchase Order) is required before buying anything for the club. Please email to get a PO number.

Expense Claims

To get reimbursed for any expenses where you have used your own money please fill out an Expense Claim and send it to


Phone System

Accident Investigation Form

This report is to be completed by the Surf Lifesaving Club in the event of ANY member injury or significant equipment damage.

This helps enable SLSNR, SLSNZ and Clubs to maintain a high standard of member health and safety and improve best practices in all aspects of operations as well as keeping records for insurance and ACC claims at SLSNR.

Forms should be completed within one (1) week of the incident occurring. Once completed, please email to



Please visit the SLSNZ website for all policies. Muriwai is required to adhere to all SLS New Zealand and SLS Northern Region policies.

SLSNZ Policies


Club Bank Account, 12-3053-0322971-00

When paying into the account please reference with surname, initial and reference of what payment is for.


Surf Life Saving New Zealand have come up with some helpful guidelines when talking to the media (see the link at the bottom)

In brief, we can talk to the media about local, beach and club related items, it does not need to go through SLS Northern Region or New Zealand.

Generally the patrol captain of the day should take the lead (or delegate if they are busy) when dealing with the media but other members can front for any photos or video clips if desired.

The Management Board can also be contacted for more advice or if there is any concerns around what the media want.

For any non Muriwai, national issues please contact SURFCOM (0800 SAVE LIFE) and they can get the right people onto it.

Please also remember to respect people’s privacy when discussing details (see the guide for some good tips), you can include sex and age, such as a 23 year old male or female in her 20’s

This does NOT apply to regional guard patrols, as employees of SLS Northern Region they need to follow their protocols.


For all general enquires about The Surf Club at Muriwai, please visit

For all booking enquiries please email


The building must be kept clean and tidy at all times. Before departing all rooms, including kitchens, lifeguard and public spaces, must be reinstated with dishes washed and put away, bathrooms cleaned, bins cleared, furniture returned to its original position and all rubbish removed.

The entire site is a smoke free area.


The Club adheres to a zero waste policy. There is a recycling scheme in place.  Plastic and glass are separated into separate recycling bins, cardboard/paper is bundled up and all other items are taken with you off site.

All food scraps go into supplied bins in the kitchen which must be emptied daily into the compost bins under the trees on the east side of the building.


The surf club is a licensed premise under a Club license, this means that you can not bring your own alcohol onsite and it must be purchased at the bar. This covers the entire site including outside areas.

Normal liquor laws apply
You must be over 18 to buy alcohol.
Intoxicated people will not be served and will be asked to leave

Under a club license under 18’s can be in the surf lounge (and other areas) when alcohol is being consumed but may not drink it.


If you wish to use the Club accommodation please email 

During the patrolling season there will be 2 bunk rooms allocated at all times for lifeguards. It is intended that one room is for males and one room is for females. However if there is only one group staying both rooms maybe used. These rooms may be used by regional guard during the week.

You need to provide your own bedding (sheets / sleeping bag / pillows)

If more rooms are required, these must be booked in advance. Club members will get priority for booking additonal rooms. The lifeguard service will be consulted before these areas are booked out to other groups over the patrolling season. However you must book these in advance to ensure they are allocated to you.

U18 policy is coming shortly.


The Club lounge is open to lifeguards at all times and will not be booked out. Groups staying in the accommodation mayl also use the Club lounge and kitchen. The area may also have the general public when the bar is open. You are welcome to cook food but please clean up afterwards.


All areas downstairs (main lounge, downstairs bar, kitchen, classroom and boardroom) can be booked out for general hire or by other user groups, during these times you may not use these areas. You can access the surf lounge via the back steps.
These areas can be booked for the lifeguard service at no cost. To book these areas please Email  If you have not booked the room please do not be surprised if someone else turns up to use a space who has.

The gear shed is an area shared with some other user groups (but not the general public). For some large events this area can be hired out but advanced notice and contingency plans will be in place to avoid any impacts on lifeguard operations.

The main toilets, drying room and gym are also shared areas.