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Whether you love racing against your club mates or aspire to help New Zealand defend the World Championships in future years, we encourage you to get out and enjoy this summer of surf sport.

See you on the beach!

Getting involved

If you are interested in training or competing in any of the clubs sports please see our contacts page or email the Sports Convenor at

Competitor Eligibility

The following is the standard event entry eligibility
please have a read and make sure you meet the criteria.

  • Refreshed Surf Lifeguards for the current season OR newly qualified Surf Lifeguards in the current season/

  • Current Members (You must’ve paid the competitor fee at Muriwai to be current!)

  • Have a DOB recorded on the SLSNZ Database.

  • Have a PRIMARY membership with the club they intend to compete for (membership status displayed in the ‘Membership’ tab of the individual in the Database)

  • Team substitutes must be registered in some capacity in the event

  • All competitors, including possible substitutes, are to have met all of the eligibility criteria outlined above by the close of entries.

So if you know you don’t meet these criteria then please do something about it now! Basically there are spot checks being carried out and if you are found to be competing and are not eligible then you will be DQ.  Team managers please check your athletes eligibility now!


Please visit our Surf Sports Facebook Page page for our most up to date information.

For more information or if you are interested in competing in Surf Sports please contact:

Senior Sports Convenor

Rob Mihaljevich


Why not become a Surf Offficial?

Surf Officials are the key to our successful surf sports events. They are volunteers who enjoy interacting with young and talented athletes in a challenging and fun environment. All our surf sports events, whether at district or national level, are run by the volunteers, for the volunteers and the job of officiating may entail tasks such as:

  • setting up the competition arenas;

  • marshalling athletes

  • starting events

  • recording results

  • acting as course referees

To receive your District Surf Official Level 1 accreditation you are required to:

  • attend a full day workshop run by SLSNR

  • complete 20 practical hours of officiating over the summer season.

This will then enable you to participate in the officiating of events in various arenas at Surf Sports Events. If you wish to progress to the next level of Officiating and become an arena referee, you will need to attain your Surf Official Level 2 accreditation. This will be discussed in further detail at your Surf Official Level 1 course.

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