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Club Gear

Everybody needs:

  • Beanie

  • Hi-Viz Vest

  • Safety Band


In addition to the above essentials:

Badged kids who will be swimming out the back will need Fins and Fin Belts. 200m badge tests will be started at camp at the end of November and will continue as the kids work hard and progress through the season. Chat to your coaches & they will let you know when you are ready.

Fins & Fin Belts

Fins & Fin Belts

Where to buy


Muriwai Gear:


Or in store: 
4G Antares Place | Rosedale | Auckland
Phone | 09 475 5084

* The beanies are stuck in customs at the moment, so if you were planning to buy in-store, please call ahead to check if beanies are in stock yet. They were expected a week or so back, so hopefully should be available any time soon.


Fin Belts:
Stash-it will be onsite on Sunday with fin belts - $75 - $45 - $45

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