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7 patrols

We have got 7 Patrol Teams again this year, 6 regular patrols plus patrol #7 comprised of Slim and his crew of old salts that were the creme of the crop back in their day (so they will tell you). 

We have tried hard not to miss anyone but if you are missing off the patrol list, want to change patrols or be removed from the lists please email Tim at

Refreshers for Patrolling

For this season, the theory element of the Lifeguard / IRB and RWC REFRESHER process is online with the practical assessment being signed off at your first patrols by the Patrol Captain or any assessors/instructors at the club. Please get onto your theory refresher prior to your first patrol details on how to do this will be contained in club comms, PC emails and on the SLSNZ website.


If you wish to be taken off of the patrol lists, or would like to be moved to a different patrol please email Tim at


Please pay your subscriptions ($75 for an active lifeguard) online.

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