6 patrols

We have gone back to six patrols this season which means that each patrol team will do approximately 9 patrols this season vs the 12 of last year. Remember - you can always turn up to other patrols and lend a hand - especially on those busy public holidays like Auckland Anniversary and Waitangi Day.

We have tried hard not to miss anyone but if you are missing off the patrol list, want to change patrols or be removed from the lists please email Glenn at

AR – Active Reserve

The active reserve category within the patrols is for qualified lifeguards who have signaled they will either not be able to commit to the majority of their patrols or those who have attended minimal patrols in the last season or two.


If you find yourself on the active reserve list and wish to be taken off it, or would like to be moved to the active reserve list, please email Glenn at

(Being placed on the active reserve list still means you are a full lifeguard)


Please pay your subscriptions ($75 for an active lifeguard) online.

Current seasons subs are here
Renewal for the new season and payment of subs now happens through the club membership portal SportsTG. Please follow the instructions to register (if you did not use this system last year) or login to renew (if you registered via SportsTG in 2017). Payment is taken online. 

This is also the place where you will register and pay for competitions, first aid courses and other club events during the season.

Incorrect details

If any of your contacts details are wrong or missing such as email, phone numbers please email and/or annotate the patrol list in the tower

Surf Lifeguard Award and IRB Refreshers take place on the first few patrols of the season. Either turn up to your assigned patrols and complete the refresher (paper test and practical swim/rescue) or turn up to ANY patrol early in the season and ask the patrol captain to refresh your.

Any questions, suggestions or gripes (with solutions) please contact the Head Lifeguard on