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Patrol Roster

Patrol Roster 2016 - 2017

Patrol List (1 Feb 2017)

Patrol Timetable (25 Sept 2016)

Less patrols 

We have made the decision to drop to 5 patrols. Due to some the Patrols struggling with attendance last season. Subsequently, the remaining 5 patrols have had their numbers bolstered meaning we now have 5 highly competent, skilled patrols. With any luck we will be back to 6 patrols next season.

We have tried hard not to miss anyone but if you are missing off the list, want to change patrols or be removed please email Oliver the head lifeguard at

AR - Active Reserve

We have introduced an active reserve category within the patrols. This section is for qualified lifeguards who have signaled they will either not be able to commit to the majority of their patrols or those who have attended minimal patrols in the last season or two.

If you find yourself on the active reserve list and wish to be taken off it, or would like to be put on the active reserve list, please email Oliver at head.lifeguard@muriwaisurf.org.nz

(Being placed on the active reserve list still means you are a full lifeguard)


If you have paid you subs but it is showing as not paid, please email Linda at administrator@muriwaisurf.org.nz  so she can find your payment and mark it as paid.

Current seasons subs are here http://www.muriwaisurf.org.nz/membership/

Some prices have changed from last season.

When you pay please email Linda at administrator@muriwaisurf.org.nz  and advise that you have paid, the reference you used and what members you are paying for (if it is more than just you).

Incorrect details

If any of your details are wrong or missing such as name, email, phone numbers or your certs please email database@muriwaisurf.org.nz

However Surf and IRB Refreshers will not be fixed, just refresh this season!

This data comes directly from the new PAM system, there are a few bugs SLSNZ is still working out.

If shows ^2nd against your name, Muriwai is not your primary club in the database, if it should be please email database@muriwaisurf.org.nz  to get it sorted.

Lastly if your name has error next to it rather than an ID, you are not correctly associated with Muriwai in the database. This also means we can’t get any of your contact details please email database@muriwaisurf.org.nz  to get it sorted too.