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New Members

‚ÄčIf you're interested in joining our club, we're interested in talking to you! Muriwai Volunteer Lifeguard Service runs on volunteers, so if you can spare some time to help us help others, then don't delay! We're currently looking for volunteers throughout all aspects of club life. Do you want to be a competitor, a boatie or a lifeguard, a nipper, a surf official, or an associate member? Any time you can spare to help our club is much appreciated. If you require any information take a look at our Contacts Page for the relevant person to contact, alternatively email membership@muriwaisurf.org.nz for general enquiries or email jsmembership@muriwaisurf.org.nz or junior surf enquiries.

Joining is easy, just fill out the SLSNZ registration form here and select "New Membership to SLS in New Zealand" and choose Muriwai as your club.

An online registration is required for each person (including at least one parent of Junior Surf children).

You will receive a return email when your Application has been accepted.

If you have been a member of Muriwai or another SLSNZ club before please see below.

Existing Members

Existing members do not need to apply for membership again.
Please DO NOT fill out the SLSNZ online membership form.
You will be rolled over automatically when you pay your yearly subs. Even if you have been away for a few years, as long as you have not been a primary member of another club since being a member of Muriwai (see below if you have). See the Subscriptions for 2016/2017 Season on what to do next.

Transfers between other SLSNZ clubs

If your primary membership in the previous season(s) was not Muriwai (i.e. you belong to another SLSNZ club), please contact administrator@muriwaisurf.org.nz

Secondary Membership

If your primary club is not Muriwai but you wish to Patrol for Muriwai (e.g. a student studying in Auckland but your normal club is elsewhere in the country) please contact administrator@muriwaisurf.org.nz . Please note secondary membership is for patrolling only, Junior Surf members and Competitors must have primary membership at Muriwai. Then pay your subs.

Subscriptions for 2016/2017 Season

These can be paid directly into the club bank account, 12-3053-0322971-00

Please reference with surname, initial, subs and if paying for a number of family members please email administrator@muriwaisurf.org.nz and advise administrator the names of the members that this sub covers.

Fees are as follows:

Junior Surf Family packages

- 1 junior surf child (14* and under)
- 1 parent/legal guardian associate membership


- 2 junior surf child (14* and under)
- 1 or 2 parent/legal guardian associate membership


- 3 junior surf child (14* and under)
- 1 or 2 parent/legal guardian associate membership


*Junior subs cover only children 14 years and under on 1 October 2016

Anyone 15* and older who is a patrolling lifeguard and not competing

*Aged 15 or older on 1 October 2016


Competitor + Lifeguard
Anyone 15* and older who is a patrolling lifeguard and is competing in sports, IRB racing^ or surf boats^

*Aged 15 or older on 1 October 2016
^ sweeps and IRB patients exempt and pay the Lifeguards fee


Associate Member
Anyone who is 15* and older but not a patrolling lifeguard

*Aged 15 or older on 1 October 2016